Passion or Purpose, which comes first?

Whether we know it or not we all come into this world with a little spark inside our soul. Placed there by our creator. As we grow, hopefully the spark turns into a flame and at some point ignites into a burning desire to fulfill our life purpose. But how do we know that we have reached that point? That place where we are doing what we were put on earth to do. I agree with many of our spiritual/religious leaders that we are all spiritual beings here on earth having a human experience. Although it is an experience that we have chosen, is it our purpose?...

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Are Vitamins & Supplements Really Necessary?

You could ask this question to 100 different people in the health and wellness field and get 100 different answers. Some will say yes, as most people don't eat all the right foods and the concept of the Standard American Diet (SAD) is ridiculously antiquated. Others will say no. Your body makes what it needs and your diet provides the rest. Or better yet, I love it when they say "it just gives you expensive urine". Whichever side of the fence you are on regarding this issue you are neither right or wrong. Supplementation is as individualized as an exercise or weight loss program. It is not one size fits all. Having said that, I do believe how you take your supplements does matter and we will touch later on that subject...

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