My wife and I have known Lisa for over 10 years socially. Lisa has begun a new endeavour in her life that I feel fits her personality with much perfection. A Wellness Consultant/Life Coach who knows how to listen to your every concern and offer direction and compassion both internally with her expertise and also external support systems if needed. I am beyond pleased with Lisa's personal support and guidance she has given me in my quest for a healthier life style.

-- March 16, 2014, P. Severin

I have known Lisa for over 10 years. A year ago I confided in her about my health concerns. I have been suffering with gastrointestinal issues for many years due to an unhealthy diet accompanied by a very stressful career. She had me begin a regiment of digestive enzymes, probiotics and glutamine. Lisa also recommended several books that were very informative and suggested meditation or yoga to help with the stress. With her guidance and coaching, my life and health have greatly improved.

-- November 3, 2014, TS Halsey